How It Works.

About GS Trophy 2018.

The BMW GS Trophy is a unique customer event not only for BMW GS owners but all BMW bike riders and enthusiasts. Apart from the beautiful local attractions and scenery that Montagu has to offer, the GS Trophy 2018 is a chance to experience the spirit of camaraderie with friends of BMW Motorrad and fellow riders.

Contact your BMW Motorrad dealership to find out more about organised group rides to the GS Trophy 2018 – after all, the journey is as much an experience as the destination.

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In the past the event was open exclusively to BMW GS riders, but this year we invite all BMW riders to try some of the low difficulty routes.
You will need to organise your accommodation privately and for your own account.
Click here for the most comprehensive list of available accommodation options.
Dinners will be included in your package and held at the main venue each evening. Many of the accommodation spots serve breakfast and there will be food vendors on site and plenty of restaurants and pubs in the town.
There will be a fully stocked cash bar at the main event venue as well as nearby bars and pubs.
We will be contributing to Care4Water again this year. All contributions would be appreciated.

About Care4Water
Care4Water is the global BMW Group Financial Services initiative with a simple mission: give access to clean water to people in need. For more info visit:
The registration fee of R2300 applied to riders, pillions and any attending wishing to participate in the dinners and evening entertainment.
Contact your local BMW Motorrad dealership to find out about group rides to and from the event – after all, the journey is half the fun.